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A Fantastic Day in 5th Grade!

Posted by lia.bush619 on April 16, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and Good Afternoon! 

We had a great day in 5th grade today! We started our day with novel studies, which are always a blast. The students are reading three different books: Hatchet, Dear Mr. Henshaw, and The Phantom Tollbooth. We completed activities to go with the chapters we read today. After that, we went to library to check out some new books. I just love reading!

During math, we learned how to multiply decimal numbers by bases of 10. Then, we had recess and lunch! Recess was a special time today, as we spent recess without the fourth graders. I like this time because we get to hang out just with our class. There were inch worms EVERYWHERE! The students even found a few in my hair...oops! During lunch, Margo graciously offered to pray for our food.

Speaking of Margo, I have to brag on her for a second! Margo made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me to deliver to the homeless tonight. What a godly heart she has. 

During Language Arts, we reviewed some of the grammar concepts we've learned this year in preparation for our Terra Nova tests next week. After reviewing the concepts together, we did some independent work. Then, we played a game for each grammar concept. Fun! After that, we practiced our test taking skills by  completing mini quizzes and then grading our partner's work. These quizzes were timed, which helped us to practice our pacing. 

In Science, we learned a little bit more about the water cycle. Yesterday, we witnessed the water cycle by watching water evaporate from an electric skillet. We even saw a cloud form (condensation) on a tin sheet which was holding ice cubes. Lastly, we watched precipitation occur. A paper towel was saturated with water, and once it couldn't hold any more, it started to drip. This is very much how a cloud works! Today, we continued our lesson of the water cycle by watching the Water Cycle Rap and then taking a quiz on the information we learned yesterday.

Have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy the sunshine! God is GOOD! 


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