Mrs. Bush's Fifth Grade

Mrs Bush's 5th  Grade


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1. Honor God

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible

4. Do Your Best

Our classroom runs based on an economy where students earn and spend "Bush Bucks." Cash is earned in many ways. Some examples are: completing all homework, following rules, demonstrating leadership, helping other students, and a variety of other situations where I catch students being kind, helping others, and being the BEST students they can be.

Students may spend their "Bush Bucks" in a variety of ways. Some are mandatory and some are by choice. Each month, students will be charged a rental fee on their desk and chair ($5). They will also be charged for things such as not turning their homework in during morning routine, having a messy desk, choosing to disobey rules, or missing materials. Fees on these offenses will be doubled if the offense is repeated too many times. I reserve the right to charge other fees as it becomes necessary.

Students will have an opportunity once a month to spend their "Bush Bucks" during Friday Cash In. During Cash-In, students may purchase candy, toys, or classroom passes. These passes include:

- sit at the teacher's desk for the day

- sit by a friend for the day

- no shoes in the classroom

- desk free day (sit anywhere!)

- homework-free night

- ...and many more!



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