Mrs. Bush's Fifth Grade

Mrs Bush's 5th  Grade


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Welcome to the Reading Corner!

Here, you will find information pertaining to our language arts classes. 


Fun activities to help you improve your grammar skills:

Grammar Gorillas (click on ADVANCED and have fun!)

Each week, 5th graders will be required to complete 3 spelling activities. Fourth graders must complete two activities. You may choose any activities from the Monthly Spelling Menu. Each activity must be titled and completed in your Spelling Folder. You will turn these activities in to me on Friday morning.

Throughout the year, fifth graders will group with our 4th grade friends to explore exciting chapter books together. 

To culminate each novel study, students will participate in Reading Olympics, where they will complete a project of their choice. This is a program we borrowed from a gifted teacher named Mrs. Gratz, and cannot thank her enough for sharing her amazing idea.

The goal of the fifth grade Reading Olympics is to provide a fun and challenging program for 5th graders to expand and extend their reading skills. This year, 5th graders will participate in periodic novel studies and instead of taking a typical test on the book, they will show proof of understanding through a variety of projects.

In the Reading Olympics program, students will demonstrate their understanding of the story by completing a project. There are five different projects to choose from within each level (Olympian, Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Students my choose any project from any level.

Participating in and completing Reading Olympics is a challenging goal for all students to work toward this year.

Reading Olympic Rules (for students):
- Everyone must participate in Reading Olympics, but students have the opportunity to become Top Olympic Readers.
- To become a Top Olympic Reader and receive the Olympic Gold Medal, you must complete four GOLD level projects.
- There are 5 projects per level: 20 projects to choose from in all. You only need to complete one project per book.
- Only quality work will be accepted! Unsatisfactory work will need to be improved to meet Reading Olympic standards for quality. Remember, this project counts as much as a test!
I am looking forward to watching these novels come alive with fun projects!
Mrs Bush
*Click the links below to find a project pamphlet for each Reading Olympics level.

The writing process includes 5 steps:
1. Prewrite/brainstorm
2. Rough Draft
3. Revise
4. Edit
5. Publish
It is very important to follow every step of the writing process. Remember, the theme of the year is to take it step-by-step! Think of your favorite author; even he or she h as to go through the writing process before he/she can publish a book. So, take it step-by-step and watch yourself grow into a fantastic writer!

Every week, we will practice a new "Super Reader Strategy" to help us become strong readers. So far, these are the Super Reader Strategies we've mastered:
- Cause & Effect
- Plot & Character
- Sequence
- Fact & Opinion
- Compare & Contrast
- Summarizing
- Asking Questions
- Author's Purpose
When taking tests, we look back in our text or passages before answering questions. To help us remember test taking strategies for reading, we follow the RUNNERS technique:
Read the title and questions
Underline key words in the questions
Number the paragraphs
Now, read the passage
Enclose key words in the passage in a circle
Re-read questions
Select the best answer

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